The Paperwork

Righto! Let’s get started on the paperwork…

There are just a few documents you will need to get together on your computer and then, when you have them all, you can send them to us…

Driving Record

Obviously, you will need a good driving record (we are a professional driving service after all!)

Having said that, if you have lost a few points for the occasional low range speeding or minor traffic offences, then that will probably be OK.

We cannot accept anyone who has had a drink-driving offence recorded in the last 5 years.

To get a copy of your NSW driving record click HERE. If you have lived in NSW for less than 5 years, you will also need to get your previous driving record from the state or country where you lived before.

Make sure save or scan a copy of your Driving Record on to your computer.

Driver Declaration

The next step is to fill out a Driver’s Declaration. 

This Driver’s Declaration needs to be filled out by every driver who will be driving a customer’s car.

Download the Driver Declaration from here and fill it in. You will then need to sign it and scan it back into your computer to be ready to send it through to us.

Resume or CV

Whilst you don’t need to have previous experience as a designated driver to work with us, we are interested to see if you have had previous roles working with customers.

As explained on the previous page, customer service experience would be useful in this role.

So, a brief resume (ie less than 5 pages) is a useful guide to us in determining your level of customer service experience.